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The Art of Cinematography

When it comes to planning things, and in this case, our wedding, our (Sam and my) imagination tends to go a little wild. I’m not talking flamethrowers, tigers in cages, kind-of things. Just very small-but-makes-a-huge-difference-detail kind-of thing. When it comes to planning, whether it’s a small event, conferences, little shindigs, we love creating atmosphere, doing something more unconventional, and just fun. Dependent on the event, we talk about what’s important for it, and in this case we wanted it to be fun, different, but more importantly, we wanted our wedding to represent us well. What started off with an idea and somewhat of a joke of having an “intro video”, had turned into us filming our Engagement Story and making it into a short film to start off our ceremony. (I’m trying not to spoil things before my wedding, but it’s hard when it’s all starting to come together!)

Let me introduce you to Elizabeth Bowman (who happens to be one of my bridesmaids!) and Joshua Laplap of Joshua Laplap Media.


This creative duo is starting up a Wedding Cinematography Collective where they will be creating a short film of our wedding day. They specialize in creating cinematic short films where you’re able to revisit key moments in the relationship of the couple, and of course your wedding day. Josh Laplap also made all of our invitations, and graphics for our upcoming wedding but more on that later!

For the past couple months, we’ve met about what we would like to see and how we wanted our wedding to feel like. The reason for having our engagement story play in the beginning was mostly because we were having family and friends come from different areas both logistically, but also had family and friends who had yet to still meet Sam (and vice versa). We wanted the ceremony and for the day to tell a story, not just for all to see the “end result”. We thought what better way then through video? 


Many locations, multiple conversations and lots-of-laughs later, they have put together a small teaser for us, with the full version to be played at the ceremony. I honestly can’t wait to see the finished product!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

'Simon 1.5' by mikedidthis.